The Everland is a communal, collaborative friendship among committed creatives seeking to inspire our world through devotion to beauty, originality, and expression.

The Everland Media Group is the tangible expression of what is going on inside The Everland. Through the blog, we will keep those of you throughout The Everland up to date on what is going on in the lives and souls of one another.


The Everland began as two friends who just wanted to write, so they decided to start a blog. We began having conversations in late 2006 about what the blog would look like and came up with mostly nonsense. The more we met, the more we discovered that what we wanted was to somehow create a creative community where the arts themselves could be held paramount, as opposed to the common theme (most heavily supported and most frequently occurring in academia) of a something that the arts are “supposed” to be.  Over time, we saw that there were others we could see living in to this vision, and more yet who were already doing it.


We soon discovered that the only way we could see our vision in the realm of reality would be through each other, as a community – as a family. So we committed ourselves to each other and to our arts. Over time we became familiar with other creatives who opened doors and minds, and saw our community coming into reality. We soon found ourselves finding presence of The Everland in several different geographical locations, fostering arts withing themselves. We affectionately started referring to them as “collectives.”


The Everland has presented itself as a webbed network of creatives, rather than a structured organization with several different floors with their own specific description, and an axeled propeller at its top. With each new creative, the entire landscape of The Everland is completely changed. Let us together create a future for art, story, and life for one other and those yet to arrive.


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