Where the Halloween Have We Been?!?

The Everland Media Blog has been taking some time off to evaluate opportunities we can take to be more tangible. And we’ve come up with some very exciting ideas that we’re going to capitalize on.


Early in 2010, we will be unveiling Wagon City Publications, the literary outlet of EMG. We are currently in the process of gathering, editing, and piecing together a collection of writings from unknown and/or unpublished authors and poets that deserve to have their voices heard. It will include short stories, prose, and poetry. We are very excited about this adventure and surely hope you are too. More info will be released as we continue this very exciting endeavor.

We are also working with several groups to bring philosopher/theologian Peter Rollins to Springfield, MO. This has got us all in a tizzy over here. The man is an incredible storyteller. If you live anywhere in or near the midwest, you need to be there. Again, as information flows in we’ll make you the first to know.

Keep checking in. See you soon.


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