Clearing the Air

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. We apologize. Matt and I have been pretty busy with several of the many plates we’ve got spinning and we’ve been unable to divulge new content for you to consume. A second time: we’re sorry.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that fresh new content is on its way in the form of:

  • Dustin Gamble (for real this time)
  • Our first ever filmmaker feature
  • New poetry
  • Other tidbits that haven’t had their details ironed out just yet.

Yesterday, Feb. 4, was our most heavily tracked day yet. That means you guys are spreading the word about The Everland and are anxious for new content. We’re thrilled by your enthusiasm and hope to have your faces smiling again very soon. Keep spreading the word, share your minds with us, and bring your neighbors along for tea and toast.

There’s very real potential for very exciting things here at The Everland. Keep your fingers crossed as we work our way toward bigger and better things and expand our creative community. We’ll let you in on them as soon as we’re positive we’re not jinxing ourselves. That’s a pinky swear, kids. You know how serious that is.

So stick around, keep checking back for new content. It’s on its way soon soon soon.

Things to check out while you wait:

posted by Ian Scott Paterson, co-architect


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