Clearing the Air

the title of this post was theived from Matthew Gallion, who stole it from Addison Schockley

I started writing today, thinking I was going to get Cartography, pt. 2 written (which I’m tentatively calling Settlements), but I just wasn’t feeling it. And I didn’t want to e-slap anyone in the face by posting something that was only half-sincere. Soon, though, I promise. Which, ironically, is a perfect segue into the actual content of today’s post: things to look for.

From the Everland:

  • An interview with our next featured musician and good friend, Dustin Gamble
  • Cartography, pt. 2: Settlements(?)
  • Media Reviews
  • Much more…

What we’re listening to:

Check back with us soon for updates on days when at least one of us isn’t being lame. Apologies.

posted by Ian Scott Paterson, co-architect


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