Our Ever-Fluid Future

Welcome to The Everland. What you see here is merely the media representation of the overarching idea that is The Everland: the Everland Media Group. Here we will chart the wildly rugged untamedness that chisel the landscape and geographical likeness that is The Everland. Basically that was a (semi)eloquent way of saying we’re not exactly sure where we’re headed – and we like it that way. That’s where you, our readers, come in. You are welcome to be as involved as you want. As far as we’re concerned, The Everland will never be the same now that you are here.

We exist to be a Creative Community of Hope. What that means to us is that we are – and will always be – looking for new ways to innovate creative communities and creativley enhance those that already exist. So come ye writers, philosophers, musicians, poets, bloggers, cynics, filmmakers and scholars. Let us together explore our ever-fluid future.

posted by Ian Scott Paterson, co-architect


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